45 answers to most common customer rejections and sales objections

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In Customer Objections eBook, you will find 45 different objections and rejections from prospects with the respective answers you can use to close the sale. This is called objection handling, and it means trying to change the prospects’ mind by responding to them to address their concerns.

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Comprehensive Guide for Objection Handling

We define objections as breaks in the sales process. Customers often show why they are not going to buy your product or service, giving you a chance to change your approach or update your product/service. Potential customers can always find a reason to push back on what you’re offering, whether it’s timing, budget concerns, etc.

How you behave when a prospective customer pushes back is crucial for your sale. Experienced salespeople deal with rejection with competence. With Customer Objections ebook, you will be equipped with the right communication skills and tactics on objection handling.

Useful Dialogs and Actionable Tips

While handling the customers’ concerns can be frustrating, mostly if your conversation is not held in person. But in reality, objections are an opportunity for progress towards a mutual agreement. Any time your prospect raises a concern is a chance for you to establish credibility with them. If you can create more credibility, you will be further near closing the sale.

Handling different types of sales objections from prospects will be more comfortable with actionable tips and sample dialogs you will find in this ebook.

If you aren’t 100% happy with the Customer Objections ebook, for any reason, over the next 30 days, let me know and I’ll refund your money. Period.

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Price Objections

In the book, you will find price, cost, budget, or ROI related potential customer concerns or objections with descriptions, actionable tips and sample dialogues. To thoroughly justify the cost for the customer, you must handle these price-related objections, using foolproof communication techniques.

Trust Objections

If a potential customer has fears related to a sales offer, and you, as a sales professional, try to address those fears with rational arguments, what will happen? The reputation of a salesperson has to be intact from the customer’s viewpoint. To build a relationship, demonstrate the value, and establish trust is a hard road. With this book, even if rational arguments don’t work, you will overcome trust related objections more comfortable.


A stall is a reaction to pressure. A sales professional must demonstrate the value in the sales engagement to bring the customer to the critical decision point. Customers’ lack of motivation to make a purchasing decision is frustrating in sales. In this book, you will find the relevant questions for you to be able to close the sale.

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1. Just send an email, I will look at your offer
2. Similar product is cheaper in your competitor
3. It will be hard job to switch to your product
4. There is a crisis, we can’t spend the money
5. How is your product different than other brands?
6. We’re working with your competitor (and we don’t consider changing it now)
7. We haven’t heard of your company before, we work with XXX, a well-recognized company
8. I’ll call you when the upper management assesses the offer
9. Your company does not have a quality certificate
10. A project like ours will be too big for your company
11. We used our yearly budget
12. This product is not a priority for us
13. This product is not suitable for our industry
14. You have no experience in our industry
15. You don’t have enough references
16. Your company’s location is too far away; we may not receive fast services
17. I prefer to work with a local company rather than a capital company
18. Your product is too complex, we may not deal with it
19. I know nothing about your company
20. We’re doing it in-house
21. I’ll do more research
22. I can’t decide, need more time

23. Let’s close the sale at an affordable price, we will work for other projects in the future
24. Your price is too high
25. I’m happy with the product I use right now
26. I just bought a similar product
27. I need to talk to my wife about this
28. I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work
29. They wouldn’t like this in the office
30. I’m not interested in your product
31. These products don’t work well
32. I’m already buying it from a friend
33. There are better products in the market
34. Let me wait for the next model, next month
35. Your product range is short
36. Why should I buy it from you
37. I’ll buy it when I get my bonus
38. It’s cheaper on the internet
39. I don’t need it right now
40. This dress doesn’t suit me
41. We have a pre-determined supplier list
42. There have been significant changes in your company at the administrative level
43. Let’s not make a contract until we are satisfied with your services
44. Your competitors give a discount but you don’t, why?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s included?
Answer: The package has 3 files, so you will get the book in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. It’s professionally designed, fully colored, suitable for printing and 197 pages full of organized content.

Question: Is it boring or full of nonsense? Is it easy to read?
Answer: It has 47 chapters, and length of these chapters vary from 400 to 1.400 words. Basically, you will find creative ideas in an organized way in this book.

Question: Why is it $28? Does it worth this book?
Answer: It’s not about the money; when it comes to objection handling in sales, there are a few blog posts with strong content and lots of nonsense on the internet. With this book, you will find the whys and hows of objection handling. The book contains actionable tips and sample customer-seller dialogs. It’s worth it.

Question: What if I don’t like it?
Answer: Send me an e-mail in 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Question: What’s provided besides the book?
Answer: I’ll open up a blog in and publish blog posts frequently. I’ll send occasional e-mails with tips and new content in it. Besides, when I update the book (and I’ll update it from time to time) you’ll get the latest version for free, every time.


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